Eat cheap and healthy hack


How do you manage to eat nutritious and healthy food while keeping your pocket happy? “Healthy and cheap food?”, sounds impossible. Healthy and cheap don’t go well together looking at today’s market scenario. There’s a saying “To eat is a necessity but to eat wisely is a pure art.

Usually healthy and nutrition-rich food is expensive and hence many of us turn towards cheap junk food, especially when we have a tight budget. Take a look at the following mentioned ways with which you can have healthy food at pocket-friendly prices

  1. Go for seasonal

This is the easiest way to find healthy food at cheap rates. Whenever we go grocery shopping, we usually pick up whatever looks good and fancy at the store. Prioritize seasonal food as there’s plenty of supply of such fruits and vegetables in each respective season. And as the supply increases, rates automatically decrease. And if you go to any local market for grocery shopping, the rates would be cheaper there as compared to any other supermarket store. Local markets offer you the best quality for cheaper rates

2.Cook on your own

If you can avoid packaged food from outside and cook your own, you’ll save a lot of money. But, many of you might say, “Buying packaged from outside saves time required for cooking.” Well, it does save your time on cooking at the cost of compromising your health. On the other hand, if you cook on your own, you know what is inside the food, it is cooked fresh and you can add spices as per your choice. To reduce the time it takes for cooking, make preparations ahead of time. You can chop vegetables and store them in the refrigerator for later. Or there are many quick-cooking hacks available that can save your cooking time.

3.Buy frozen or canned

If you can’t afford fresh vegetables and fruits every time, you can go for frozen or canned food. There are a variety of affordable frozen and canned fruits and vegetables available in the market. Frozen or canned food is a go-to spot especially when you are looking for off-season food items. There are various frozen vegetables like spinach, broccoli, corn, etc., and fruits like strawberries, cherries, etc. available in the market. So, when you are out of fresh stock of veggies and fruits, you can think about canned veggies instead of including any junk in your food.

4.Cook and store

You might not get plenty of time for cooking every day. But whenever you feel you have enough time on weekends, use it for batch cooking. Batch cooking will let you have more food, more time, and save more money. Eat what you need now and store the rest in your freezer from the next meal. For example, if you are making chicken salad for 2 servings for lunch today, boil more chicken than you need in the salad. You can use the chicken you need to make the salad for now and store the remaining chicken in your freezer which you can use to make sandwiches for the next meal.

5.Carry snack-packs

Make your own small packs of snacks and store them in bulk instead of hopping over to chips whenever you feel hungry. These snack packs are your go-to option when you come home tired and have no strength to cook elaborate food. Grab a few zipper bags or small plastic jars and you can store dry fruit mix trails, nuts, cereals, or roasted chickpeas in it. Take some pouches along while you go out so that you won’t need to spend money and buy outside food whenever you feel hungry.

6.Choose water over drinks

Why go for any sort of drink which only increases the calorie level in our body? Water is the best and cheapest way to stay hydrated. There are many health benefits of having more water intake and it also significantly affects your energy level. While you are headed to any restaurant, it will always be beneficial for you to order water at restaurants instead of a kind of aerated drinks. This will save you from spending money as well as calories.

Do you still feel eating healthy food is expensive? I guess not. These eating healthy and cheap hacks will keep your taste buds and pocket happy. They are very simple to follow and will leave a significant impact on your health. Eat good, eat healthily, and make your life blissful.

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