Welcome to The Subziwalla!

Three years ago, Subziwalla was founded to help shoppers get easy access to fair-priced and high-quality Indian groceries. We started with a handful of shoppers, our Subziwalla family, and as we kept in mind their needs and wants we continued to help them better connect their food, culture, and traditions. 

As the time passed, our Subziwalla family grew, and what they needed from us has expanded like a growing family.

Over the last couple of months, Team Subziwalla has been hard at work to bring you this special platform for you to find interesting ideas and information about food, culture, and everything in between from the Indian subcontinent. Our community is incredibly rich and proudly carries a history of flavors and traditions. The Subziwalla will highlight the nuances of all the different regions of this part of the world that we call home to bring the memories of your childhood right back to you. 

For us, there is no better way to preserve those traditions for the next generation than through our food. 

In today’s environment, homemade meals are more important than ever helping to create a sense of what we cherish the most at home – family traditions. We know the best meals are prepared at home surrounded by warmth and love, which is why home cooking takes center stage on The Subziwalla.

We’re bridging the gap between a homemaker and home chef; they’re contributing to preserving our food traditions in real ways, and we want to recognize their talent. We’ll feature recipes from across the subcontinent, from some of our favorite home chefs in addition to influencers and professional chefs so that you can get a fuller spectrum of our communities’ talent. We are excited to see the traditional recipes that we love transformed into a modern adaptation of family favorites.

From the ingredients we use in our dishes to the history behind the meals we eat, we’ll feature deep dives into our culture, along with fan-favorite brands and ingredients to bring new and interesting ways to incorporate these familiar flavors into your dishes. Together we will discover new up and coming brands, exploring the creativity and diversity of the people that make up our subcontinent.

Thank you for joining us on this journey as we catalog and preserve our culture, creating new ways to pass down our traditions to the next generation through food.

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We’re so happy to have you stop by.

Happy cookings!

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