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An Update on COVID-19

The health and safety of our community is our top priority, and we recognize and appreciate the trust our customers place in us when delivering their groceries.


This is why we want to update you on the situation with COVID-19 (the Coronavirus) and the steps we continue to actively take to ensure the health and safety of our customers when delivering groceries. Also, please find some best practices and resources for all of us to use as we navigate this period of uncertainty.


Safe handling of groceries & ingredients

We're closely following local and national sanitation guidelines (resources below), on top of the usual health and sanitation precautions we have always been taking to safely handle and deliver your groceries. This includes wearing gloves, masks, disinfecting all surfaces (including packaging), and working in conjunction with our suppliers and delivery partners to ensure the entire supply chain is taking all precautionary measures.


Product stock & delivery dates

Growing concerns have led to increased demand, which may cause delays in the supply chain and delivery dates to be booked up in advance. We are working closely with farms, suppliers, and partners like FedEx to make sure you have access to all the ingredients you need and ensure we're operating safely with minimal disruption in service.


Bag pick up & reuse

As you may know, we collect and reuse packaging that ensures a sustainable operation. We disinfect and sanitize each packaging item before they are redelivered, but now we're taking an extra step: We're including large, plastic bags with every order for customers to place their bags in once they are finished unpacking, which adds another layer of preventative measures to our current processes. 


Supporting the health & safety of our team

Our team has spent the last week preparing and the last 48 hours implementing a number of guidelines, processes, and investments to ensure the health and safety of our team. This includes new sick paid leave policy for all team members. As of this update, none of our team members have shown symptoms or have reported cases.


Resources & best practices

As Subziwalla shoppers ourselves, we share global and personal concerns and want to ensure that we are monitoring all information available taking every step possible to ensure the safety of our customers and their families. Here are some steps you can take yourselves: 


1. Avoid going into large crowds like malls, stores, venues, etc. Use a delivery service for goods whenever possible.

2. Anyone over 70 years old should stay indoors with family and not venture outside as the virus disproportionately affects the elderly.

3. Use an ethanol-based cleaner/sanitizer to disinfect all surfaces 

4. Wash your hands (up to your elbows) for 20 seconds and avoid touching your eyes, face, or head.

5. Finally, avoid all non-essential travel. If you don't need to leave the house, do not. 


Here are some reliable resources for you to keep updated on all things COVID-19:

- World Health Organization (WHO)

- Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

- National Institutes of Health (NIH)

- Food and Drug Administration (FDA) 

- Center for Infectious Disease Control Research and Policy (CIDRAP)


As always, Team Subziwalla is here for you. Please send any questions to 



Team Subziwalla